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Who we are

About Saanidhya

The doors of Saanidhya are always open to the Differently Abled children/persons who are deprived of a special school and training centre. We are at your service with our well experienced, dedicated, humble, loving Special Educators and Caretakers who are available and work round the clock untiringly. 'Saanidhya' always extends its helping hand to receive, support and take care of mild, moderate and severally challenged persons in the age group of four to forty years, of all gender. 'Saanidhya' imparts Functional Academic Checklist Programme (FACP) framed by the National Institute for Mentally Handicapped (NIMH) with committed and loving teachers. We take great care and initiative in training the inmates in Activities of Daily Living Skills (ADLS). Functional Academics (FA), Pre-Vocational Skills (PVS), Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Yoga, Sports, Games, Vocational Skills, Drama, Dance Therapy and Extracurricular Activities.


Mission statement

With the ultimate aim of providing an atmosphere for the all round development of every Differently Abled child and facilitate them to develop their skills so as to make them self reliant in their day to day activities, thus to join the mainstream of our society.

Vision Statement

To provide an opportunity to those mentally and physically challenged who are deprived of training facilities, to improve their skills and ability especially in the rural area by providing them with a well equipped residential school and training centre.