Plans and Priorities

Our Priorities

  • At Saanidhya, training the Differently Abled Persons to be independent in the day to day activities is our top priority.
  • They start their day with a morning prayer, then make their beds and attend to their personal needs - brushing their teeth, attending to their nature's call etc. Then they have their breakfast, wear their uniforms and proceed to the school premises to assemble for the morning school prayer. Our well trained and experienced caretakers assist the inmates in their daily chores.
  • Our teachers at Saanidhya attend to the students with love and care, making them feel at home (away from home). Activities like the fine motor skills, daily living skills, number concept, time concept, mental aptitude activities through games, color concept, environmental concept including flora and fauna are taught in a parent - child like atmosphere.
  • Students are made to adapt themselves to what they have learnt with special attention.